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Artificial Intelligence in Business

الذكاء الاصطناعي في الأعمال

Description of Artificial Intelligence in Business Diploma

This diploma is one of the most important and prominent diplomas offered by Vertex Academy; Being interested in the field of artificial intelligence and the way it is used in business and management.

The diploma includes Five main axes with main titles:
1- Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and its Importance in Business.
2- Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business Management.
3- Common Artificial Intelligence Tools in Business.
4- Challenges and Opportunities in Using Artificial Intelligence.
5- Integrating Artificial Intelligence with Business Strategies.

  • Those aspiring to qualify themselves for top leadership positions in companies.
  • Business management professionals in companies.
  • Individuals interested in transitioning to the field of business management.
  • Administrative staff, department managers, and general managers in both public and private sectors.
Three months at a rate of two to three lectures weekly, with each lecture lasting two to three hours.

Interactive remote training (online) where the study is conducted through interactive online lectures via the Zoom application, or via an asynchronous (recorded) system.

The certifications can be accredited by:

  • Vertex Business School.
  • The British College of Continuous Education – London, UK.

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