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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

الأخلاقيات في الأعمال والمسؤولية الاجتماعية للشركات

1- Business ethics.
2- Corporate social responsibility.
3- Ethical leadership and organizational culture.
4- Ethical challenges and conflict resolution.
5- Global business ethics.

  • Business managers and leaders.
  • Specialists in management and compliance.
  • Individuals interested in learning ethical business practices.
  • Students and graduates in business and management fields.
Three months at a rate of two to three lectures weekly, with each lecture lasting two to three hours.

Interactive remote (online) training, with studies conducted through interactive lectures online via the Zoom application, or through an asynchronous (recorded) system.

The certifications can be accredited by:

  • Vertex Business School.
  • The British College of Continuous Education – London, UK.

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