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Certificate Human Resource Professional (CHRP)

شهادة محترف في الموارد البشرية (CHRP)

Description of Certificate Human Resource Professional (CHRP)

The Certificate Human Resource Professional (CHRP) is one of the best-known human resources designation certifications in Canada.

The Certified Human Resources Professional designation validates your knowledge of human resources, your preparedness for your workplace, and your commitment to learning throughout your career.

There are some conditions and requirements that must be present; In order to obtain this certificate, it is:
1- Successfully register and activate membership.
2- Successfully complete course requirements.
3- Successfully completing the Job Ready program.

The first test: is the knowledge test “CHRP-KE”, which consists of 175 multiple-choice questions. The second test: is the Labor Law Test “CHRP-ELE”, which consists of 110 questions.

You can see the suggested references.

1- Meet registration category criteria.
2- Complete the application form and tasks related to good character.
3- Proof that you have read and agree to abide by the law, HRPA 5- regulations, and the Code of Professional Conduct.
4- Payment of registration dues.

The validity of this certificate is 3 years.

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