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IPMA-HR Senior Certified Professional

موظف فني أقدم معتمد

Description of IPMA-HR Senior Certified Professional

The IPMA-HR Senior Certified Professional certificate is a certificate for certified professional leaders, as it has been prepared for everyone who has worked in a specific field for a long time, reached senior management and the executive level, and then aspires to document his achievements with one of the strongest accredited certificates in the field of human resources.

There are some conditions and requirements that must be present; In order to obtain this certificate, which is…
1- Experience in the field of human resources.
2- If a certificate is not obtained, a minimum of 8 years of experience in the field of human resources is required.
3- For holders of a diploma, 6 years of experience are required, for holders of a bachelor’s degree, 4 years of experience, and for holders of a master’s degree, 2 years of experience.

Test duration: 3 hours.
Number of questions: 85 questions.
Question type: multiple choice.
Passing score in the test: The passing score required in this test to obtain the certificate is 60%.

You can purchase the study guide via the application link below.

Register on the official website.

The validity of this certificate is not specified.

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