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Marketing and Sales Management

إدارة التسويق والمبيعات

Description of Marketing and Sales Management Diploma

Vertex Academy’s Marketing and Sales Management Diploma covers all the themes and topics related to marketing and sales management. It can be considered one of the best advanced programs in marketing management. It also works to correct many misconceptions about marketing.

The diploma also helps all participants in learning about their own competitive advantage, how to work on its development, as well as many other important information.

The diploma includes main axes with main titles:
1- Marketing Fundamentals.
2- Marketing Strategies.
3- Sales Management.
4- Marketing Research and Analytics.
5- Public Relations and Marketing Communications.
6- International Sales and Exporting.

  • Marketing and sales professionals: Individuals working in marketing and sales fields who want to enhance their skills and broaden their knowledge.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs: Those who want a better understanding of how to effectively market and sell their products or services.
  • Recent graduates: Individuals who want to enter the marketing and sales field and need a strong foundation in these areas.
  • Department managers: Those who want to integrate marketing and sales strategies into their overall management.
  • Career changers: Individuals interested in transitioning into the marketing and sales field from other fields.
Three months at a rate of two to three lectures weekly, with each lecture lasting two to three hours.

Interactive remote training (online) where the study is conducted through interactive online lectures via the Zoom application, or via an asynchronous (recorded) system.

The certifications can be accredited by:

  • Vertex Business School.
  • The British College of Continuous Education – London, UK.

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