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Program Management Professional Certificate (Project Group)

شهادة محترف إدارة البرامج (مجموعة مشاريع)

Description of Program Management Professional Certificate (Project Group)

The Program Management Professional Certificate (group projects) is one of the best certificates you can obtain, as it aims to achieve all the strategic results of the company, and it was designed specifically for managers of large projects.

One of these requirements is sufficient…
1- Have a high school degree or equivalent + 4 years of project management or PMP experience + seven years of program management experience + 15 years of work in the field.
2- You must have a Bachelor’s degree in Project Management + 4 years of Project Management or PMP experience + 4 years of Program Management experience + 15 years of work in the field.

Duration of the test: The test lasts for 4 hours.
Number of questions: The test contains 170 questions.
Question type: multiple choice.

Vertex Buisness School provides all the educational materials that every trainee needs.

The certificate can be obtained by creating an account on the website, completing the registration process to obtain the certificate, and then paying the required amount.

The Program Management Professional (Project Group) certificate is valid for application and use anywhere up to three years from the date of obtaining it.

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