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Senior Project Manager Certificate

شهادة مدير مشاريع كبير (SPM)

Description of Senior Project Manager Certificate

The Certified Senior Project Manager certificate is one of the best certificates in the field of project management, as it gives you all the information related to project management. This certificate contains four levels, and level B is the third level among them.

This certificate is internationally recognized.

You must have 5 years of experience in project or program management.

1- The test is written for 3 hours, or oral for an hour and a half.
2- The test consists of open-ended questions on how to apply knowledge for level B.
3- Upon passing this test, the candidate submits a detailed report on the projects and programs he worked on (goals, resources, methodology followed), which is approximately 25 pages for the content, and 15 pages for the appendices.
4- When the report is accepted, the candidate will move to the next stage, which is an interview or a project simulation. When one of them is passed, you will be given a certificate proving the current level.

Vertex Buisness School provides all the educational materials that every trainee needs.

The certificate can be obtained by creating an account on the website, completing the registration process to obtain the certificate, and then paying the required amount.

The Certified Senior Project Manager certificate is valid for application and use anywhere up to five years from the date of obtaining it.

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