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Senior Talent Management Practitioner Certificate

شهادة Senior Talent Management Practitioner

Description of Senior Talent Management Practitioner Certificate

The Senior Talent Management Practitioner certificate is considered one of the most important certificates at the present time. Because it is related to the field of human resources, especially for those who have a period of experience in this field, as all those working in this field know about the transformation of human resources into a center that works to attract and attract all talents.

Many HR professionals are now looking for new tools and certifications; It helps them succeed in this transformation, and the “STMP” certificate from Vertex Buisness School is one of the most important means that helps in this.

There are some conditions and requirements that must be present; In order to obtain this certificate, which is…
1- It is necessary to obtain a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, management, entrepreneurship, or any of their related fields.
2- The applicant must have up to seven years of experience in the field of human resources.
3- If you do not have any certification in any of the administrative fields, the applicant must have at least eight years of experience in the field of human resources.

Test duration: 120 minutes.
Number of questions: 60 questions.
Question type: multiple choice, choose the best answer.
Passing score in the test: The success rate for obtaining the certificate ranges between 65% to 70%.
There is a post-payment period of up to 180 days; To prepare for the test.

Vertex Buisness School provides all the educational materials that every trainee needs.

The certificate can be obtained by creating an account on the website, completing the registration process to obtain the certificate, and then paying the required amount.

The Talent Management Practitioner Certificate is valid for application and use anywhere for up to three years from the date of obtaining it.”

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