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Supply Chain and Supply

سلسلة التوريد والتوريد

Core courses Additional courses

Core courses Additional courses
Our accelerated online MBA program, developed by a cadre of world-class professors and entrepreneurs, is designed to thoroughly prepare students with the essential tools and practical experience necessary for launching, managing, and expanding a prosperous business. This 44-credit hour curriculum is structured to be completed within a year, comprising 8 fundamental modular courses.

Each course spans 4 weeks, featuring both synchronous and asynchronous content and activities.

Following the completion of these 8 sequential base modules, the program culminates in a Capstone hands-on project, facilitated by an elite cadre of entrepreneurs and executives.

Moreover, students have the liberty to select 2 distinct specializations from over 10 available options, enabling a customized learning journey aligned with their specific career aspirations.

(Each course is 4 credit hours)
1- Contemporary Business Management.
2- Strategic Management and Planning.
3- Human Resources Management.
4- Marketing Management.
5- Financial Accounting.
6- Managerial Economics.
7- Organizational Behavior.
8- Concepts and Methods of Scientific Research.

(Each course is 4 credit hours)
1- Professional Project Management.
2- Operations and Production Management.
3- Finance and Investment Management.
4- Supply Chain Management.
5- Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
6- Leadership.
7- Artificial Intelligence in Business.
8- Public Relations.
9- Hospital and Medical Facility Management.

Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         1- Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.
2- Risk Management and Decision Making.
3- Team Management.
4- Digital Transformation.

  • 3 semesters, 9 to 12 months.

Interactive remote training (online) where the study is conducted through interactive online lectures via the Zoom application, or via an asynchronous (recorded) system.

The certifications can be accredited by:

  • Vertex Business School.
  • The British College of Continuous Education – London, UK.

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